I want to thank you for taking the time out to look around the site and I hope you enjoyed it. 

If you have arrived here my guess is you want to know more information about our membership options so that you can make an informed decision about which suits you best.

First, let me introduce you to our Free basic membership. I have tried to deliver what I know most women are looking for. I know this because I have completed a deep dive into research and I have literally spoken to hundreds of women over the last 12 months, the feedback was very clear:

They wanted the ability to access great advice on a wide range of topics. My team and I have delivered this. Basic membership gives you access to tons of videos and blogs from my professional team. The videos and blogs are updated regularly so there is always new up-to-date information for you to enjoy.

They wanted access to a Forum where they could meet new friends, keep up-to-date with old friends and above all, just feel connected. Our Forum technology is about as good as it gets, we have invested in the best. We have multiple forum discussion rooms covering different topics which are available to you. The technology is so robust it enables us to keep the lights on 24/7 so to speak. So for new mums with children that do not sleep during the night, you can switch on and chat to other mums who are also up!! If you are an insomniac this Forum is perfect for you, LOL !! Members can join as many chat rooms as they like, so chat until you drop!

They wanted access to shopping, after all, ladies we love to shop!!! So we have included a shopping facility on the site and it’s very similar to what you are used to if you do any shopping online. There is a go-to-cart facility and it’s really easy to use and incredibly secure. Our goal is to deliver products from trusted partners that represent real quality and value.

 I hope you find our basic membership as valuable and exciting as we do.

For those of you who are looking to fully immerse yourself in everything there is available on the site, then let me introduce you to All Access Membership.

I am super excited about what our All Access Membership can deliver for you and I have made it incredibly affordable for everyone.

Welcome to a world of possibility and opportunity for less than the price of a weekly skinny latte!! All from the comfort of your home.

By becoming an All Access member you get access to all of the following incredible benefits:

Our educational online seminar programs. We have 30 professionals (and growing) ready to give you guidance, insight and share their experience and wisdom on their area of expertise. 

From incredible educational seminars that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, here is a sample of some of our courses

  • how to start a new business
  • how to navigate a difficult divorce
  • how to build incredible stamina
  • confidence coaching
  • how to get the board position you deserve but have been too scared to ask for
  • advise from Harley Streets No1 skincare guru
  • how to create a money mindset so that you can achieve everything you want in life
  • nutrition advice from one of the UK’s finest
  • styling advice from a multi-award-winning expert
  • incredible make-up tips from Pamela Anderson’s make-up artist
  • public speaking tips
  • how to write a book and get it published
  • goal planning
  • money management
  • how to invest in property and much much more.

All seminars are free to All Access members.

Some of our experts typically charge between £500 to £2000 a day for clients to attend their workshops, All Access members are getting access to all of our experts for less than £10 per month.

You get full access to all of our clubs for free. Learn new hobbies and skills, have fun, meet new like-minded people. Change your life!!**

Only available to All Access members first from our brand partners. From Harley Street to the Vineyards of Rome you will be offered some great deals with real discounts throughout the year.

Only available to Mogul All Access members: Weekly online interviews with our founder and CEO Lisa Palmer, our partners and her illustrious guests. Listen to one of the UK’s best family lawyers Mark Goldstein, or the incredible global entrepreneur Lucinda Ellery, Anna Bruning (the former Sunday Times Editor for 30 years), global serial entrepreneur Julie Powell, Lesley Reynolds founder of the Harley Street Skin Clinic, and many many more.

When available, and on a first come first serve basis, All Access members will receive invitations to some great events at some great locations.

If All Access membership is for you please choose what plan works best for you. You can choose to pay monthly or annually–the choice is yours.

All Access is £9.98 pm and payable by direct debit 

Remember you can cancel your contract at any time for any reason, this we guarantee.

** There is only one club that would require you to join and pay as a member and that is the Knitting Club (for more information contact us). 

Thanks for reading and I really hope you join our community… 

Our Expert Speakers:

  • Anna Bruning: The Sunday Times Editor
  • Dr. Arthur Cassidy: C.Psycol, Ph.D, AFBPsS celebrity psychologist
  • Mark Goldstein: Lawyer, specialising in family law
  • Dr. Sarah Mundy: Child Psychologist Director and Consultant Clinical Psychologist and author
  • Polly Harrar: Sharan, arranged and forced marriages
  • Sandos Forte: Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Author, Wealth Manager
  • Pat Whitson: Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, Relationships Counselling
  • Danni Levy: Fitness expert
  • Dr. Aamer Khan MB, ChB and Lesley Reynolds: Harley Street Skin Clinic
  • Joey Bevan: Celebrity TV stylist
  • Rusty Lee: Celebrity Chef and Author
  • Jo Behari: Celebrity DIY Expert and Author
  • Sunny Jain A&J: Education
  • Natalie Graham: BBC Radio Presenter
  • Oliver Tomkins: Car Expert MTV, ITV, Virgin & Heart
  • Sophie Prescott: TV Crafting Queen
  • Monica Russel: Knitting Queen best selling author
  • Lino Carbosiero: Celebrity & Royalty hairdresser
  • Chris Walkey: UK’s Champagne and sparkling wine ambassador
  • Jassmine James: Author and astrologer
  • Erin Peyman: Masterchef
  • Kristina Rihanoff: Strictly Come Dancing and author
  • Dr. Sarah Brewer: medical nutritionist and health journalist and author

Our Transform program is included in the All Access membership level:

All Access membership is only £9.98 per month and grants you access to most of our seminars**; there is no fixed contract so membership can be stopped at anytime.

Welcome to Transform; it’s time to change your life!

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